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Loaves of Bread

Made Fresh Every Morning

Pain Complet



Similar to ciabatta, this loaf, also known as the "Grey Bread," is a moist and chewy large holed crumb surrounded by a firm snappy crust. It has been the staple bread of the sourthern

Italian region of Puglia for a century.  



Pain Complet

From the hearty side of the French breads, this Whole Wheat, Whole Grain Loaf, loaded with flax seeds, oats, sunflower seeds, and wheat berries, is kneeded until all the unadulterated grains come together to form a flavorful bouquet that is simply, Complet. 




This rich Golden bread made of Durham Wheat flour is named after the village it originated from. The dense soft crumb and perfectly formed crust inspire the popularity it receives. 




The Classical French stalk made with only the four ingredients allowed by French law to be considered the True Baguette. Not to be confused with the Batard, the shorter, fatter method method of forming, this golden crusted bread is shaped to perfection. 



Baker's Choice

One of our delicious loaves will be selected by the Baker for sale on Saturday. 


Want a loaf on a different day? Perhaps we have it frozen.

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