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Large Chocolate Bunnies
Easter Bunnies
Bags of Easter
Easter Hens


Bags of Easter

 These adorable packages are full of solid chocolate Easter characters, from bunnies to ducks to hens, it's the perfect addition to any Easter basket

Easter Bunnies 

These hollow chocolate bunnies are a must have for Easter. Available in small, large, and giant 

Easter Hens 

These hollow chocolate hens are the perfect addition to your Easter celebrations. Available in small, large and giant

Nesting Hens 

This Easter treat will impress the whole family, a hollow chocolate hen filled with chocolate praline eggs

Flat Bunnies 

Individual, solid chocolate bunnies are perfect for even  the youngest members of your family

Praline Eggs

Rich, nutty praline encased in dark chocolate 

Creme Eggs 

A classic Easter treat, these eggs are filled with white chocolate ganache and lemon curd and

encased in dark chocolate


 These packages incude a nest of easter grass filled with a selection of our delicious praline eggs


*A limited variety of Easter Bunnies and Hens offered in milk chocolate




Easter Chicks 

A soft almond cake with vanilla buttercream, decorated to look like adorable baby chicks

Easter Nests

 A soft almond cake dipped in chocolate and topped with chocolate buttercream and "eggs"

Easter Bunnies 

A soft almond cake filled with raspberry buttercream and

dipped in white chocolate

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