Quiche, Soup & Salad

Available all day

Salad and Tomato Soup
Salad & Poulet et Brie


Mushroom, bell pepper, garlic, and Gruyere cheese

Brie Fleur

Brie, Red Onion, Cauliflower


Black Forrest Ham


*Quiches are also available for order in a full sized, 9 inch pie


A soup of the day is selected by our chefs and is available all day.

(downtown only)

Tomato Bisque

French Onion




Our house-prepared side salad is a perfect addition to any quiche or sandwich.

Made with spring mix, carrots, tomatos, cucumbers, and cabbage,

salads come with your choice of home-made dressing on the side:

Raspberry Vinigrette, Balsamic Vinigrette, Lemon Parmesan,

Blue Cheese, or Honey Mustard Vinigrette